Program Transfer List ending 5/24/2019

Program Transfer List ending 5/24/2019

The below Programs and/or components thereof have been installed this week at your County. As always if you have any questions please contact the Helpdesk.


ASW0895 (OBPF Viewer)
(Humboldt ServiceDesk Ticket #10900)
  When data in fields are too long to display in the screen, hovering the cursor over the field displays the full data. This change removes the timeout so that the display remains on the screen for as long as the cursor is over the field.

TCW5657 (Current/Suppl Sec Reminder Notices)
(Megabyte ServiceDesk Change #1224)
  New report wrapper for county custom delinquent notices.

Supplemental Bill Reports
(El Dorado ServiceDesk Ticket #11160)
  Fix to add the Supplemental Mail Notice Date to the Supplemental Bills.