Program Transfer List ending 5/17/2019

Program Transfer List ending 5/17/2019

The below Programs and/or components thereof have been installed this week at your County. As always if you have any questions please contact the Helpdesk.


ASW0490 (Secured Assessment Create/Modify)
(Napa ServiceDesk Ticket #12986)
  Corrects system not recognizing secured assessment mapbook class of SA (secured annual). Allows for create, change of status now without Mapbook is not defined error.

ASW0495 (Unsec Assessment Create/Modify)
(Megabyte ServiceDesk Ticket #10029)
  Corrects screen locking issue after new asmt is save. Screen now opens correctly in data entry mode.


TOW0008 (TOT Standard Note Maintenance)
(Megabyte ServiceDesk Change #1351)
  Minor issues in the program have been fixed.